The History of Katona Farms

Rolling Acres established in 1950 by Walt and Betty Katona. They had three children, Walter, Faith, and Wendy who helped in the daily farm chores.  His industriousness and self drive along with his wife made the farm business very successful.  Walt retired in 1985 however, he was always active until the day he died on June 2, 2009 which was just 3 months after his wife's death.

In 1970, as the farm continued to prosper, the name was changed to Walter Katona and Sons. Walt formed a partnership with his son and son-in-law. Now Walter (Sonny) and his son Walter (Chip) are presently farming and it is currently known as Katona Farms Incorporated.

In 1969, Walter (Sonny) graduated from college but chose to come home and farm.  He married Linda that same year, and they raised two children, Chip & Jennifer.  Walt and Linda took over the management of the operation in 1984.

Katona Farms is a four-generation family farm.  We have lived and farmed in Chesterfield Township for over 60 years.  We also own 800 acres in Southampton Township where we have farmed for over 27 years.  Altogether we own 1,585 acres, all of which is deed restricted to agriculture.

Chip came into the business on a full-time basis in 1993.  He married Christine in 1997 and they have two children, Jimmy and Joey, the future fifth generation farmers (we hope).

We grow asparagus, sweet corn, and market tomatoes, which are sold at our Crosswicks Farm to retail customers.  We also sell those vegetables wholesale to large farm markets, wholesale buyers, as well as the Hunts Point Market in New York. We use Integrated Pest Management to help us farm efficiently and to keep costs down whenever possible.

We have a large grain operation, which consists of wheat for grain and straw, soybeans, corn, and rye for straw.